Looking for quality Polycarbonate Sheeting? Here’s Your Answer

Meridian Building Plastics offers an extensive range of polycarbonate sheeting.  Polycarbonate is quite a remarkable plastic, being the strongest of all plastics.  This gives it an impact resistance which is 200 times the equivalent thickness of non toughened glass. Also consider the weight; a sheet of toughened glass would be pretty heavy, but not so with polycarbonate sheeting.  Therefore this material is a lot safer and easier to manhandle during construction. Plastic Panels of this kind are an ideal replacement for glass.

Please look to buy plastic sheets from Meridian Building Plastics that offers this really remarkable range of modern products.

The Multiwall Polycarbonate illustrates this point perfectly. This is made from horizontal walls which are connected by regular vertical ribs.  This not only provides strength by reinforcing the sheets but also produces pockets of air, giving these products extremely good thermal properties, excellent for insulation.   Thermal insulation is a critical area in reducing heating costs and doing your bit in helping to reduce the effects of climate change.  Each sheet will have a “U” value, denoting how efficient in terms of thermal insulation. The lower the “U” values the better the thermal insulation properties of that sheet.

A major drawback in the past of using plastic sheeting has been the effect of UV, through prolonged exposure to the sun.   The sheets are UV protected (co-extrusion) on one side.  The other concern has been fire.  The sheets are self extinguishing and conform to international regulations.  They do not produce toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Polycarbonate of this kind and level of sophistication can be used for a variety of applications. These include patio canopies, car ports, covered walkways, civil engineering and industrial skylights, greenhouses, swimming pool covers, conservatories, illuminated signs, false ceilings, partitions and cladding.

Remember that these are superb plastic sheets for sale.  The polycarbonate Multiwall sheeting comes in a variety of different colors, Clear, Bronze tint, Opal, White and Bi.  Clear sheets can give up to 80% light transmission.  This will depend on the thickness.  Opal is very popular for conservatory roofs.

 There is a very wide range of thickness to match your exact building and construction needs.  This ranges from the smallest at 4 mm to 35mm in thickness. A range of very sophisticated properties is combined with a wide range of design and architectural applications.  All of this plus a 10 year limited warranty.

Please contact Meridian Builders Plastic so that you can discuss your needs and we can organize a delivery of the polycarbonate sheeting that’s best for you. Telephone 020 8805 0000 Fax 020 8344 83897 and email info@meridanbp.co.uk.  There is also a very useful web site: http://www.meridianbp.co.uk/.  Deliveries can be made to anywhere in the UK; there will be an extra charge for deliveries outside of England and Wales.  For those in London our full address is Meridian Builders Plastics, Unit B3 Valley link Estate, 101 Meridian Way, Ponders End, EN3 4TY.  Full details of how to get to Meridian Builders Plastic, in the South East is on the website.  Further details regarding the very reasonable prices also on offer, can be discussed along with the policy on returns.

Do not hesitate to make contact with this company to supply a really innovative product, the multiwall polycarbonate sheeting.

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