Activities the Entire Family Will Love in Algarve

The Algarve region is located in the southernmost part of Portugal. This region is a popular tourist destination for friends, lovers and families. In fact, more than half of tourists who travel to Portugal go to Algarve – that is a testament to its popularity! Therefore, you should consider traveling to Algarve if you want to book a trip for the entire family. You will find a host of Algarve family attractions that both kids and adults will enjoy.
algarve family attractions
To help make your vacation planning easier, you can add the following recommended family attractions Algarve has to offer:
Ponta de Piedade 
This attraction is recommended for families with older children and those who love being in the outdoors. You will find Ponta de Piedade south of Lagos. There, you will be in awe by the natural beauty that you may behold such as rugged rock formations, cliffs, caves and tunnels. You can explore one of numerous hiking trails in the area. If you like to take your smaller kids and let them enjoy the view, you can hire the boat and tour the area for 30 minutes or so. You can even enter the caves and tunnels via the boat to get a different perspective on these natural attractions.
There is more to Vilamoura than its world-class golf courses. Your family will enjoy the huge array of Algarve attractions waiting to be explored during your time in Vilamoura. This coastal resort is a favorite for those who like to improve their swing, but it is also a good jump off point for those taking boat cruises. You and your kids can enjoy a variety of water sports activities as there are many amenities available for tourists to enjoy. You can also take your kids to Praia de Marina wherein you can hire pedalos and enjoy the view. For the history enthusiasts, your kids will be delighted to see the ruins of the Museo Cerro de Villa, which is a 2nd-century villa complex.
This is another popular destination for holiday visitors in Algarve. The central location makes it easy to go to, no matter where you are in Portugal. It used to be a quiet fishing village until it was transformed to be a vibrant coastal resort and attraction. Nowadays, you will find a host of cafes, restaurants and hotels in the area.
Zoo Marine
When it comes to Algarve family attractions, a visit to the Zoo Marine won’t be missing in the list. It is open seasonally and is inarguably the most popular attraction in the region. And the reason for its popularity is not surprising. Zoo Marine features a wonderful showcase of marine life and shows with dolphins, which kids enjoy! Aside from dolphin shows, there are several other animal shows featuring sea lions and birds. To make the most of your experience, make sure to check the show schedule before you book your ticket to ensure that you can catch the show your kids want!
This list of Algarve family attractions only serves as a guideline. Feel free to create your own itinerary and get your kids involved for a more fun time in Algarve, Portugal!

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